Webflow Websites & Simplifymeetings.com

Strategische Transformation durch zielgerichtete Outbound Sales


Webflow Websites is a renowned web agency specializing in the creation of Webflow websites. Like many companies in the industry, Webflow Websites experienced challenges with an irregular and difficult-to-predict order situation. This led to a search for a solution to refine the sales processes and create a more stable customer base. They found the answer in a partnership with Simplifymeetings.

The Challenge: Unpredictable Customer Base

Webflow Websites often found themselves in a position where they either had too few customers or were forced to accept projects that did not ideally fit their specialized focus. This unpredictability led to difficulties in capacity planning and hindered long-term growth.


  1. Structured Customer Acquisition: Development of a sustainable strategy for generating high-quality leads.
  2. Increase in Sales Meetings: Boosting the number of customer meetings through targeted outbound sales.

The Solution: Partnership with Simplifymeetings

Analysis of the Initial Situation

Simplifymeetings began the partnership with a thorough analysis of the existing sales processes and target customers of Webflow Websites. Together with the customer, Simplifymeetings defined the ideal customer profile.

Development of a Tailored Strategy

Based on the analysis, a tailored outbound sales strategy was developed. This included creating lead lists, developing outreach campaigns, and coordinating and planning sales talks.

Implementation and Execution

The strategy was implemented within a month. Through Simplifymeetings' structured approach, the number of customer meetings was increased from nearly zero to over 5 per week.

The Results: A Transformation of the Business

Exceeded Expectations

The results of the partnership greatly exceeded Webflow Websites' expectations. The increase in customer meetings and the quality of leads led to a measurable boost in revenue.

Predictable and Stable Customer Base

By implementing a structured sales strategy, Webflow Websites was able to build a predictable and stable customer base. This enabled better capacity planning and long-term strategic alignment.

Customer Satisfaction

"Spot on!" was Webflow Websites' reaction to the results. Simplifymeetings' ability to deliver precisely what was needed strengthened the confidence in the partnership.

Conclusion: A Partnership that Makes a Difference

The collaboration between Webflow Websites and Simplifymeetings served not only to increase sales appointments in the short term but also to transform the entire sales strategy of Webflow Websites. The tailored, targeted, and structured approach of Simplifymeetings enabled Webflow Websites to overcome their challenges and achieve their business goals.

This case study demonstrates how a thoughtful strategy and professional execution by Simplifymeetings can deliver real and sustainable results. It stands as a testament to the effectiveness of Simplifymeetings' services and underscores the importance of partnerships based on understanding, trust, and excellence.